OpenStack ATC meetup at 2014

Based on feedback from my mailing list post and post on this blog, it seems that there is sufficient interest in hosting a developer meetup after 2014. Some details:

  • Who? The event is aimed at OpenStack Active Technical Contributors, but its not like I am going to check anyone’s commits or anything. This is more of a hackfest than a set of presentations though, so don’t expect lots of power point slide decks. Come along expecting to write code or documentation.
  • What? Anything about OpenStack development. I’m hoping that ATCs will take the chance to discuss what they are working on at the time, and how others can help out.
  • Where? Probably at University of Western Australia, but that’s still being confirmed.
  • When? The Saturday and Sunday after 2014. That makes it 11 and 12 January 2014.

How do you register? That’s something I am sorting out todayish. Expect an update here soon. The event registration is handled through