Announcing the lca2014 travel grants programme

Linux Australia and 2014 are pleased to announce the 2014 travel grants programme. strives to be a conference that is open and accessible to the whole open source community. However, we realise that, no matter how we arrange the pricing for the conference, it will still be unaffordable for some members of the community.

These grants aim to reduce the financial barriers to attending 2014, by subsidising the registration and travel costs of contributors to the community who would otherwise have difficulty affording the cost of attending the conference.

There are many things that can make it difficult for community members to get to the conference, and that can make you eligible for a travel grant. Membership of a group that is under-represented at the conference, and issues such as financial hardship and other personal difficulties are all considered valid reasons for an application.

Each application will be individually assessed by Linux Australia and the team on its merits. The budget for the grant programme is strictly fixed, and we aim to maximise the benefit to the community, while also granting funds to the most worthy applications.

Our priority will be to maximise the number of attendees we can assist. Consideration will be given to grant requests from outside Australia and New Zealand; however, due to the larger costs, we would have to balance each such application against the number of local delegates we could otherwise support.

Delegates who need to be accompanied by a guardian or caregiver (e.g, minors or persons with special needs) should include these details in their grant request. Minors should include contact details for their parent or guardian and have them sign the application.

Successful grant recipients will receive funding for their travel to Perth, accommodation during the conference week, and hobbyist-level conference registration. The grant will not cover food and other sundry expenses, you will need to be prepared to pay for these yourself.

Of course, we like to help out as many different people as we can, but applications from previous grant recipients are welcome and will be considered on their merits.

When you are considering your application, you should be aware that Linux Australia will also publish a public list of winning applicants. Of course, if you are not successful, you name will not be published.

Applications are due by 15 November, and winners will be informed by 1 December. To apply, please complete this form.