OpenStack content at 2014

Apart from the OpenStack miniconf at 2014, there is also plenty of OpenStack related content in the main conference. So, this post is a tiny bit off topic in that its not about the miniconf, but I just want to quickly highlight some of the cool content in the main conference.

Some examples of the OpenStack related content in the conference are:

  • Continuous Integration for your database migrations
  • Provisioning Bare Metal with OpenStack
  • Processing Continuous Integration Log Events for Great Good
  • How OpenStack Improves Code Quality with Project Gating and Zuul
  • Going Global: Building Global Clusters for OpenStack Swift
  • Rapid OpenStack Deployment for Novices and Experts Alike

Not OpenStack related, but still really interesting to Stackers:

  • VirtIO 1.0: A Standard Emerges
  • Live upgrading many thousands of servers from an ancient RedHat 7.1 to a 10 year newer Debian
  • Python Packaging 2.0: Playing Well With Others
  • Python 3: Making the Leap!

There is more content still to be announced, so I will update the list as I find out more.

Don’t forget that the OpenStack miniconf CFP is still open for another two weeks! There is also an ATC meetup after the conference.