Thoughts about an OpenStack developer meetup after 2014?

Chris Yeoh suggested that given there are going to be a bunch of OpenStack developers in Perth for 2014 that we should try and have a developer meetup after the conference. This is an awesome idea!

I’m thinking that the meetup needs to be after the conference because the conference is so early in the year. I also think we should try to limit the meetup to ATCs and prospective ATCs — in other words a developer focused event, not just a bunch of talks.

I’m thinking the meetup wouldn’t really be talks, but more group hacking and catching up on where features for Icehouse are and what we need to do to get them to land.

I asked on the openstack-dev list who would be interest in a meetup, and have had a few responses. If I get some good interest in the next few days I will try and lock this in before the end of the coming week so that people can get back to booking their travel.

So… please let me know if you’d be interested. You can do that by leaving a comment on this post.